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Since 1966, Gordon Lightfoot has released 21 original albums, three "greatest hits" albums, two albums of live concert recordings and a Warner Brothers Complete Singles 1970-1980 album. Pictures of many of these albums are included here at the top; the selection may change from time to time to showcase different albums.

Click on cover photo for album info, or scroll down for full list
At Royal Albert Hall If You Could Read My Mind Sundown Old Dan's Records Gord's Gold Summertime Dream
Songbook Box Set A Painter Passing Through Sunday Concert Plus (w. 5 bonus tracks) Complete Greatest Hits Solo (2020) An Introduction to Gordon Lightfoot

Dream Street Rose, Shadows and Salute on 2 CD Set

There's an import 2 CD set with the three original albums from the early 1980s, all of which are out of print and very difficult to find. They are Dream Street Rose, Shadows and Salute. In this new set, the first CD contains the first two albums; the second CD contains just the third album. I am excited to have this set available for purchase from my store: Buy from Val. This is a UK import, so UK fans might want to buy from Amazon UK, where the price and shipping are probably better for you.

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East of Midnight, Waiting for You and A Painter Passing Through on 2 CD set

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Out of Print Again!
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The following is a list of all of Gordon Lightfoot's original albums, the two Gord's Gold albums, the four CD boxed set, and the 2002 release Complete Greatest Hits. I have also included a his very first LP, recorded back in 1962 with his high school friend, Terry Whelan. It's not an official "original album", but it is beautiful traditional folk nevertheless.

Almost all of the original albums are available on CD or MOD (Manufactured on Demand) CD-R today. The "Final Four" original albums to be re-released on CD finally made their first appearance in the summer of 2002 (read more here). His latest studio album is the 2004 release, Harmony and his latest CD, All Live, was released in 2012. Click on any album title for the full list of tracks, for clips of many songs, and for lyrics for all of them.

Thanks to Cathy Cowette, Sean Gaynor, Ed Mullen, Lisa Westbrook and Deirdre Callahan for help with lyrics files.

See the notes beneath the table for additional information.

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Original Album Year CD
Two Tones at the Village Corner 1962 LP. With high school friend Terry Whelan
United Artists
Lightfoot! 1966 Yes. In combination with other album(s); see below.
The Way I Feel 1967 Yes. Single CD or in combination. See below.
Did She Mention My Name 1968 Yes. In combination with other album(s); see below.
Back Here On Earth 1968 Yes. In combination with other album(s); see below.
Sunday Concert 1969 Yes. Single CD or in combination. See below.
Warner Bros/Reprise
If You Could Read My Mind / Sit Down Young Stranger 1970 Yes. Audiophile LP.
Summer Side Of Life 1971 Yes
Don Quixote 1972 Yes
Old Dan's Records 1972 The "Final Four"
Sundown 1973 Yes. Audiophile LP.
Cold On The Shoulder 1975 Yes
Gord's Gold 1975 Yes. Audiophile LP.
Summertime Dream 1976 Yes. Audiophile LP.
Endless Wire 1978 Yes
Dream Street Rose 1980 The "Final Four"
Shadows 1982 The "Final Four"
Salute 1983 The "Final Four"
East Of Midnight 1986 Yes
Gord's Gold Volume 2 1988 Yes
Waiting For You 1993 Yes. No LP.
A Painter Passing Through 1998 Yes. No LP.
Gordon Lightfoot: The Complete Singles 1970-1980 1/2019 Yes. No LP.
Songbook 1999 Yes. No LP. Four CD boxed set. Re-issued.
Complete Greatest Hits 2002 Yes. No LP.
Rhino HiFive: Gordon Lightfoot 2006 MP3 album, 5 hits, no CD.
All Live 4/24/2012 Yes. Audiophile LP.
Drop the Needle On the Hits: Best of Gordon Lightfoot 11/17/2017 No. LP only. (B&N Exclusive)
An Introduction to Gordon Lightfoot 6/29/2018 Yes. No LP.
Gordon Lightfoot Solo 3/20/2020 CD, vinyl, MP3 album. (Warner Canada/Rhino)
Gordon Lightfoot Now Playing 5/16/2023 No CD, vinyl (Warner/Rhino)
Linus Entertainment
Harmony 5/11/2004 Yes. No LP.
At Royal Albert Hall 7/28/2023 Yes. LP.


UA albums on CD

Lightfoot! The Way I Feel Did She Mention My Name Back Here On Earth Sunday Concert

The five United Artists albums are not all released as individual CDs; the principal available CDs are listed in the table below. Various other reissues of United Artists material are not listed. On CD this includes "Best Of", "Early Morning Rain", "Over 60 Minutes With" and the remastered "Singer/Songwriter", as well as others. These CDs do not contain any additional songs, but are (somewhat random) selections from the five LPs.

The CDs in the list below, in combination, will allow you to get the five UA original albums which are (in order): Lightfoot!, The Way I Feel, Did She Mention My Name, Back Here On Earth and Sunday Concert. Note: You can get the complete 5 album collection plus 5 bonus tracks by buying the CDs shown just below (which includes the Bear Family Sunday Concert Plus CD).

United Artists
Gordon Lightfoot

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Sunday Concert Plus
& other Bear Family CDs
Gordon Lightfoot

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United Artists Collection

(EMI) Contains first four UA albums

Sunday Concert (Out of print; see Sunday Concert Plus below)

(EMI) Sunday Concert

The Original Lightfoot (From Amazon.ca only; $10 to ship to US)

(3 CD box, Canada) All five albums

Early Lightfoot/Sunday Concert


The Way I Feel


Did She Mention My Name/Back Here On Earth (Plus)

(BGO, UK, no bonus track) or (Bear Family, Germany)*

Lightfoot!/The Way I Feel

(Bear Family, Germany)

Sunday Concert Plus

(Bear Family, Germany)**

*One bonus track

**Five bonus tracks


This list does not include LPs released prior to United Artists, or bootleg recordings on LP or CD; availability of those rare recordings is very limited.





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